Diet for lazy minus -5 -10 kg for 2 weeks. Menu Rules


Lose weight in 2 weeks by 5 to 10 kilograms with a diet for the lazy.Is such a weight loss possible, and how will it affect health?Many people dream that the extra pounds will leave us once and for all.The problem is in another — rarely who wants to work hard to achieve the desired result. Exhausting diets and regular workouts are those things that for most people are not very attractive. It is to such people experts advise to try a simple diet called «diet, for the lazy.» This food is very simple and affordable, and the end result will surely exceed all expectations!Diet rules for the lazy.Diet for the lazy, probably the best among diets. All that is required is to drink two glasses of water before each meal. In this case, you can do everything that you are used to. The developers of the diet note only that if possible, you need to reduce the amount of sugar and sweets. An important condition for a diet for lazy: after eating, you can use any liquid in only two hours! Thus, coffee, tea and other drinks disappear from the diet, which often contain a lot of sugar.

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