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Orthostatic hypotension can occur with Clozaril treatment and there have been reports of tachycardiawhich may be sustainedPatients aged 60 years and olderparticularly those with compromised cardiovascular functionmay be more susceptible to these effects.

The Clozaril Patient Monitoring Service provides for the centralised monitoring of leucocyte and neutrophil counts which is a mandatory requirement for all patients in the UK who are treated with ClozarilThe use of Clozaril is restricted to patients who are registered with the Clozaril Patient Monitoring ServiceIn addition to registering their patientsprescribing physicians must register themselves and a nominated pharmacist with the Clozaril Patient Monitoring ServiceAll Clozaril-treated patients must be under the supervision of an appropriate specialist and supply of Clozaril is restricted to hospital and retail pharmacies registered with the Clozaril Patient Monitoring ServiceClozaril is not sold toor distributed through wholesalers.

Patients with a history of primary bone marrow disorders may be treated only if the benefit outweighs the riskThey should be carefully reviewed by a haematologist prior to starting Clozaril.

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

Substances known to have a substantial potential to depress bone marrow function must not be used concurrently with Clozarilsee section 4.3

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use caution when coadministering clozaril with other drugs that are metabolized by cyp2d6.

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